Our incredible panel of experts will guide you to feeling well through

fitness, discussions, team work and fun all weekend long. 

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    Marcy Beraznik- Greenspoon


    Marcy is co-founder of The Wellness Weekend. Over the last ten years Marcy has been marketing, selling, creating, and connecting to many parents in Montreal as co-founder of myMList.com (formerly known as


    In collaboration with her coach and friend, Maxine Grossman, this weekend has been designed as her wish list of all of her favourite things! Nature, fitness, sleep-away camp, community and friendships!


    Marcy is also a wife and mom to three girls who drive her passion for wellness. To Marcy, wellness means feeling good, most if not all 365 days a

    year. Cheers to a fun, relaxing, learning weekend to connect and feel fantastic!

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    Co-founder & Fitness Coach

    Co-founder of The Wellness Weekend, Maxine is also head coach and owner of MGPT fitness. Her goal is to help you get stronger “in here” so you can do more of what you love “out there”.


    Areas of expertise include kettlebell training, bodyweight training, mobility, post-natal training and Animal Flow.


    As a business owner and mom to two young boys, Maxine knows how life can get in the way between you and your workout. “When you’re juggling a million balls, the one that tends to drop is taking care of yourself. My mission is make fitness accessible so you can make room for it in your life, no matter how busy you are or what your starting point is.”


    When she’s not trying to get in her own workout, you can find Maxine out and about with her husband and friends. She loves poeple, parties, and homemade food.


    To Maxine, wellness means living the healthiest life you actually enjoy living


    To reach Maxine:


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    Stephen Rabinovitch

    Camp Wingate Co-Director

    We are happy to have Wingate Co-Director, Stephen “Rabin” Rabinovitch join us for the Wellness Weekend.

    Stephen brings with him over 16 years in the camping industry which includes the overseeing of dozens of retreats throughout his career.

    Stephen will be on hand to help guests with general questions and to ensure that our Wellness Weekend is a fun event for everyone!

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    Madeleine King

    Fitness Coach

    Maddy is an experienced teacher, fitness enthusiast, and outdoor adventurer to the core, as evidenced by credentials ranging from Canfitpro, POUND, and StrongFirst to Canadian Wilderness Medical Training and the American Canoeing Association. 

    She brings all these flavours to her programming to help clients achieve results while having fun.

    From a young age, her jam has always been the great outdoors - teaching outdoor survival skills as a Scout Leader at sixteen, spending high-school spares whitewater canoeing on the Rideau River, and devoting summer breaks to canoe-tripping through Algonquin park. An experienced distance runner and avid hiker, she has summited several Adirondack peaks including Whiteface Mountain as well as Britain's highest peak, Ben Nevis.

    Maddy loves helping clients unleash their potential and gain confidence and strength through a variety of class styles, from the trademarked rockout POUND workouts to teaching the foundations of strength training. Her own workouts include a capricious mix of aerial circus, kickboxing, rhythm, dancing, and of course, kettlebells.


    In addition to her work as a trainer, Maddy is also the handy-woman, chief administrator, marketing manager and the glue that holds MGPT together.  When she’s not doing that, this mom of two is a Pipe Sergeant for the RCMP Pipes and Drums in Quebec, making her one of only 10 people appointed to this rank across Canada.

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    Mel HagN

    Fitness Coach

    Mel Hagn is a NASM certified Personal Trainer, DTS Lean Body Coach and recently became the only certified Kettlebell Kickboxing coach in the Province of Quebec.


    Her first experiences in fitness were developed in Martial Arts. She was an avid practitioner of Tang Too Do, a Korean-American Karate style in which she competed and earned her 2nd degree Black Belt. As you cannot train the Ying without the Yang, she complimented her karate training with yoga, a practice she kept up through two pregnancies and until today.


    Following the birth of her two children Mel found that in addition to yoga she wanted to strengthen her post-partum body and to stay healthy and fit for her family. This led her to strength training, first in a small-group environment and then setting off on her own testing a variety of online fitness guides. If it came in an app or as a printable workout program, Mel has probably tried and drawn inspiration from it.


    This combination of Martial Arts discipline, yoga, heavy weights and kettlebells give Mel a well-rounded perspective as both athlete and coach. Her classes are energetic and her unique sense of humour makes them entertaining--which to her is key. Fitness has to be fun after all. ;)

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    Myriam MAvros

    Fitness Coach

    Myriam coaches Power Hour and Kickboxing at MGPT Studio. She is also the first and only in-house “GFit Coach” at Google Montreal’s headquarters. Prior to joining MGPT, Myriam co-owned and ran Dojo Studio with husband Sensei Andrew Watson for over 10 years.

    After the birth of her third child her weight hit an all-time high of 268 lbs and she suffered a heart attack. She determined to turn her fitness around. Although she’d always been active, Myriam began training in earnest and developed a sensible, sustainable approach to nutrition. She shed 125 lbs and began coaching shortly thereafter.

    “I vowed to make the necessary changes to enable me to live a healthy life and ensure I am around for my children and hopefully my grandchildren.”

    Myriam now coaches and inspires others to raise themselves up when life throws hard knocks.

    Though Myriam is a native Montrealer, she spent 26 years studying and working in London, England.

  • Cristina Gonzalez

    Fitness Coach

    Cristina teaches functional training from a dancer’s point of view. Under her guidance you will develop mobility, core stability and functional movement so you can perform well--both in the studio and in life.


    Her creative style draws on a variety of methods including ballet, yoga, Pilates, strength & conditioning. Her signature “Tall & Toned” class is available exclusively at MGPT.


    Cristina plunged into dance at an early age. Performing then led to coaching and for nearly 20 years she built her career in Montreal's premier luxury fitness clubs. She currently coaches private clients and group classes at venues across the city.


    Cristina has lived and worked in Madrid, Mont-Tremblant, Cairo, Mexic, Vancouver and Montreal. She continues to travel extensively, writing about the various healthy and active lifestyles she discovers around the world.

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    Jennifer gasoi


    Grammy® Award Winner and two-time Juno nominated singer/songwriter/producer Jennifer Gasoi has established herself as one of Canada’s most treasured children’s performers and recording artists. Jennifer has a unique gift for writing and performing upbeat, intelligent, jazz and world-based children’s songs that adults love too.


    In her youth, Jennifer spent her summers at Camp Hatikvah in Oyama, BC. Her favourite part of camp was always the campfire singalongs, so she is thrilled to be bringing her repertoire of favourite songs to the camp fire at the Wellness Weekend.


    Jennifer is passionate about living life to the fullest and creating music and live shows that reflect this passion. Through her music, she inspires kids and adults to live from the heart, stay true to themselves and follow their dreams.


    To reach Jennifer:


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    byron hardie

    Certified Massage Therapist

    Byron is a certified massage therapist and started working professionally during the summer of 2013.   Starting September 2017 he is continuing his study of bodywork through Osteopathy at the Collège des Études Osteopathique.  His philosophy is that he is not the one healing my client, more that he facilitates your body to self-heal by creating greater awareness and space.

    He works both in a clinic in Westmount and from the comfort of his home, an open and warm space, located conveniently in Montreal's Little Italy.  We are thrilled to have Byron as our Massage Therapist for the Wellness Weekend. 

    To reach Byron:


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    dr. Laura benhaim


    Dr. Laura Benhaim has been practicing since September 2014 and is currently offering care in two Montreal clinics: Westmount Chiropractic clinic and Clinique chiropratique Vieux-Montréal in the Old-Port.

    She is also an administrator for Chiropractors Without Borders, a not-for-profit organization that provides free chiropractic care in developing countries, as well as a regional representative for the Association of Québec chiropractors. We welcome Dr. Benhaim to our Wellness Weekend to teach us all about the body's healing process.

    To reach Laura: 


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    Sharon Newman


    Sharon Newman is a breast cancer survivor who is passionate about educating others about the safety of the ingredients used in our everyday personal care products and advocating at the federal level for stricter regulations in that industry.  As a carrier of a mutation in the BRCA2 gene and a mom to two children, she felt that she needed to do better for her family and loves sharing her knowledge with others.  Sharon is a philanthropist, public speaker and a volunteer group peer support worker at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto.  She considers herself lucky to be given a new lease on life which she’s named “its a newmans life”.  To hear more about  Sharon's story Click Here. 

    To reach Sharon: 


  • Jennifer Abdulezer Mashaal 

    Professional Dietitian

    Jennifer graduated from McGill University with a degree in Dietetics and Nutrition. She has helped individuals with a variety of nutrition related issues, from simple healthy living, to managing chronic illness. She strongly believes in empowering people of any age by teaching them the effects of nutrition as it relates to their physical and mental health, as well as how to make the right nutritional choices to fit their particular lifestyle. She stands by her belief that the way we eat is the key to achieving overall health and wellness.   Food is meant to be enjoyed and shared between family and friends, it should never be a constant pre-occupation, nor bring on negative feelings such as guilt. 

    “I am thrilled to be  part of the Wellness Weekend, not only to share my nutrition expertise, but also to take part in the amazing activities setup for the weekend.  As a mother of 4, I understand how hard it is to take the time for yourself, and think only about your own well being.  I look forward to meeting everyone who decided to take this time for themselves and truly hope everyone embraces their ME time.”


    To Reach jennifer:


  • Gabriel Flores

    Investment Advisor

    Gabe brings together health and wealth in his role as investment advisor. With his truly holistic approach, Gabe takes the time to understand his clients' needs and address key matters in health to advise on money management, insurance to develop an investment strategy that ensures true peace of mind. 

    A graduate of both McGill University (Physiology) and HEC Montreal (MBA), Gabe has lived and worked in London (UK) as a bond trader, has managed  assets for some of Montreal’s wealthiest families, and has consulted with the major banks and asset managers in Canada on strategies that answer personal and professional needs on both an individual and corporate basis. In addition to being licensed in QC, ON and BC, he also holds the Responsible Investment Advisor Certification (RIAC). He works to introduce philanthropy in estate planning to benefit the causes that matter to his clients as a fiscal strategy.  

    Gabe is also a master at rock climbing with over 20 years experience in this sport. He will be teaching teaching you the ropes. Whether you’re a first-timer who's never had the right opportunity to try, or a novice looking to learn new techniques, he will guide you through sessions designed to get you a full body workout by achieving new heights!


    To reach Gabriel: 


  • Katarzyna Chmielarz

    Yoga Instructor

    Kasia is with one foot in the arts of dance and painting, with the other in Yoga; the unifying practice of movement and breath.

    Yoga connects the physical and mental through movement, creating internal balance. Practicing and guiding yoga inspires growth and learning, as well as deepens the connection to others, in the most lighthearted, uplifting, joyous way; through movement and mediation.

    I live to learn, love connecting with people and communities, by moving together in a conscious and balanced way.

    Kasia Teaches classes that explore finding balance between ease and strength, finding freedom in the body, as well as healing of the mind, through movement and breath; a joyful dance that simply feeds the soul!

    Kasia teaches all forms of Yoga including;  Vinyasa, Hatha, Power flow,

    Yin, Restorative, yin/yang, Slow Flow,

    and Guided mediation. We are excited to have Kasia with us for The Wellness Weekend. 

    To reach Kasia: 


" Brilliant time with these awesome women. I coached Bootcamp and Kickboxing and the energy was electric. Met incredible people, true warrior women who each have battled and who have overcome crisis. We sweat together, laughed, cried, shared our stories, purged our souls!! Activities built connections between us and I so look forward to seeing them all again. "

Myriam Mavros